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The name SPECTRUM itself manifests our approach to the Group’s development: we strive to focus on prime issues concerning the Investor’s interests, quality and technology, while diversifying our business directions at the same time. We offer a broad spectrum of engineering services throughout the entire life cycle of a project.

Interdisciplinary approach gives us the opportunity to use the knowledge and experience of our specialists from various business lines of the Group, finding a spectrum of possible solutions from which we help the investor to make the best choice.

The company has gained knowledge in different business lines quite naturally: we are very attentive to our Clients’ requirements; we provide hi-tech services desired by the market.

Productive cooperation with our Clients on small projects formed the grounds of trust for cooperation in large-scale projects. We see the success of our strategy in the continuous growth of volume, scales of projects and our responsibility for their result. Growing complexity of tasks allows us to gain the lacking competences in real time and create a team for any objective, irrespective of its complexity in the shortest terms.

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