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Spectrum Services:


VTB Arena Park City Block
VTB Arena Park City Block 07.01.2015
Location:  Moscow
Address:  34 Leningradsky Av.
Total area:  290 000 sq.m
Spectrum Services:  Architectural design / Design / Engineering-construction design
Chateau Souverain Cottage Settlement
Chateau Souverain Cottage Settlement 18.04.2014
Address:  New Riga Highway, Moscow region
Total area:  40 ha
Spectrum Services:  Consulting / Technical due diligence of building
Theme park and hotel «Sochi Park»
Theme park and hotel « Sochi Park» 08.04.2013
Location:  Southern region
Client:  Vnesheconombank
Address:  Olympic Park, Imeretinskaya Valley Area, Adler region, Sochi
Total area:  43 500 sq.m
Spectrum Services:  Consulting / Project management / Financial and quality monitoring / Quality control/construction supervision
St. Nickolas Apartments
St. Nickolas Apartments 06.01.2013
Location:  Moscow
Address:  2B Nikolskaya Str.
Total area:  8 000 sq.m
Spectrum Services:  Design / Building information modeling (BIM) / Engineering-construction design  / General designer
Grand Hotel Europe
Grand Hotel Europe 01.11.2012
Location:  Saint-Petersburg
Client:  Raiffeisen Bank
Address:  1/7 Mikhailovskaya Str.
Total area:  6 800 sq.m
Spectrum Services:  Consulting / Financial and quality monitoring / Technical due diligence of building